Running Clinic

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Want a discount? Get your special $62 discount code from the Think Feet Podiatry Facebook page. That’s $254 worth of awesome for only $125!

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Get your $129 discount code to reduce the cost to only $125 from the Think Feet Podiatry Facebook page, or you can just pay full price if you like! This price it too hot to handle and participants have been capped to just 10! All stages of running are welcome – everyone “starts from scratch”. Injured runners are welcome too. Dr Renea can work around whatever you have and help you through the session. Unless, you’re in a moon boot…

DATE: Sunday 2nd December, 2018

TIME: 08:30 am to 11:30 am


  1. Full 3 hrs of instruction from Dr Renea Reich (Structural Podiatrist and Running Coach)
  2. Individual footwear prescription
  3. How to train to run faster
  4. You will be shown how to use a metronome properly for running rhythm
  5. Myofascial Releasing techniques you can start on yourself straight away
  6. Access to free membership of THINK FEET RUN (closed Facebook community); where you can post videos / pictures and ask any questions and they will be answered by Dr Renea Reich
  7. Comprehensive 6 week “retraining your gait” program (valued at $49)
  8. Detailed Manual (valued at $50)
  9. Bamboo Running Socks (valued at $30)

With the discount code, you’re getting $254 worth of awesome PLUS FREE membership to after care for only $125! Saving you 

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