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We love Archie Thongs. We have tested many and have chosen to stock these thongs because they are super comfortable, fashionable, have similar arch support in an “off the shelf orthotic” and are only $35. This is our books, ticks all the boxes. Our patients wear these around the house on their hard tiled floors and daily wear too.

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We love Archie Thongs! We have been searching high and low testing thongs that we can vouch for.

Here are the finer details of why we have chosen Archie Thongs for you:

  • Up to 2.2 cm of orthotic support (similar amount found in most off the shelf orthotics)
  • Special “toe star” (on the ball of the foot to reduce foot slippage
  • Light weight (a heavy shoe means your feet and legs need to work harder)
  • Comfortable memory foam
  • Tighter straps (reduces toe clawing and potential tendon overuse)
  • One-piece construction (no plugs, no blow outs)
  • Heel cup (help support the foot in a more biomechanically appropriate position)
Archie Thongs have 2 arch heights. It’s impossible to cater to every arch height. For this reason we only stock “standard” arch height. 99% of out patients need the standard arch height.

Everyone who has bought these from us can feel the difference and likes the arch support from these “normal looking thongs”.

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